About LCEF Ministry Support

The story of ministries empowered through LCEF is a continuous circle of relationships built, believers energized and communities served.  Through the dollars invested by thousands of individuals, congregations, schools, organizations and businesses, LCEF assists ministries with low-cost loans and ministry support services that help leaders respond to growth and community needs.

Support for Ministry Organizations 

Clarity of vision.  Alignment.  Action.  In that order. 
Ministry in motion begins with a clear sense of what God is calling you to do.  Then your resources are aligned accordingly.  And then, ministry is mobilized.  LCEF Ministry Support can help engage your members, creating vibrancy in your ministry.

Support for Individuals


For more information, contact Curt Loupe at cloupe@kslcms.org or 1-800-357–4421 extension 100.

Christian Stewardship

The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod defines Christian stewardship as the free and joyous activity management of life and life's resources for God's purposes. Stewardship is not just a matter of money, but also a sharing of the Good News of Jesus, using our time and talents for ministry, and taking care of God's creation and our own bodies.

For a whole-congregation approach to stewardship, LCEF offers the Consecrated Stewards program. 

Consecrated Stewards is based on the need of the giver to give, not the need of the church to receive, and is not tied to the church budget. Most congregations that participate report increases to annual commitments of 15% to 35%.

The program includes:
      •  Solid Lutheran Bible study materials and sermon outlines
      •  Guidance for stewardship witness talks
      •  A process to celebrate congregation ministries
      •  Publicity and communication aids
      •  An LCEF trained and certified Pastor Guest Leader.

For more information, contact Curt Loupe at cloupe@kslcms.org or 1-800-357–4421 extension 100.