Rostered Church Worker Loans

LCEF offers personal attention to LCMS rostered church workers, allowing them to effectively focus on their calling - witnessing and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others.

Rostered church workers from the LCMS can stay focused on their ministry by choosing LCEF for a new or refinanced mortgage, home equity loan, or consolidation loan.  Pastors can get help with their education loans through the Pastoral Education Loan Repayment Program.


In Kansas, contact Curt Loupe at 7800-357-4421 ext. 100.  In Oklahoma, contact Jeff Maltz at 800-357-4421 ext. 118.

Congregational/Organizational Loans 

Each ministry is unique.  LCEF has loans, services, tools and experts that work with your organization as it strives to be a good financial steward, spiritually engaged and a compassionate servant.  

It is a major undertaking to finance a loan to purchase property, construct a new facility, or renovate your current facility. We will help you through every step of the process with care, always keeping the mission at the heart of our work together.  LCEF offers free online services, including
e-statements and monthly electronic payments.  When working with LCEF, you’re working with a partner who is empowering ministries in Kingdom work, sharing your commitment to spreading the Gospel.