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LCEF Vice President - KS & OK 
Jeff Maltz
800-357-4421 ext. 118
Fax: 785-357-5071
1000 SW 10th Ave
Topeka, KS 66604-1104 

Administrative/Promotions Director - KS
Curt Loupe
785-357-4441 ext. 100

National LCEF Office
Fax: 314-996-1131 
10733 Sunset Office Dr Ste 300
St. Louis, MO 63127-1020

About LCEF

LCEF exists for the sole purpose of empowering ministries in kingdom work.  Our goal each day is to identify opportunities to share our resources in order to expand God’s kingdom as Christ commanded in the Great Commission.  We want more people to hear and believe, be baptized and grow in the Word and join together in God’s saving grace and the gift of eternal life. 

Thank You for Your Partnership with LCEF! 

The Church Improvement Program®

The Church Improvement Program is a multi-staged process designed to help churches identify, assess and fund critical church repairs and upgrades. After you identify the critical need, we run an assessment and share a report on the work to be done. If you decide to make the repairs or upgrades, you and your District Vice President (DVP) can explore the LCEF Church Improvement Loan. For more information and details please visit

Church Improvement Loans are limited to congregations and include:

  • Maximum 10-year term
  • Up to $150,000
  • 24 months at Cost of Funds (COF) adjusted annually
  • LCEF COF plus up to 2.5% adjusted annually for remaining term
  • Payments fully amortized over term 

Church Improvement Loans can be used on:

  • Critical repairs that can lead to substantial damage and cost if not fixed in a timely manner.
  • Upgrades that enhance your church's appearance and comfort.
  • Projects that improve energy efficiency and save money in the long term.

Your Link to Empowering Ministries


Join with us now to widen the circle of influence and ensure more people will hear the life-saving Gospel message. ConnectPlus is a two-year note for NEW investors. Your investment will make funds for loans and support services possible for more ministries. 

ConnectPLUS features:

     •  Opportunity to empower ministries
     •  3% fixed rate on the first $5,000; second-tier
        rate on balance over 
       $500 minimum to open
       Two-year term
       Additional investments of at least $25 allowed

ConnectPLUS is available to individuals 18 and older who have not had an LCEF investment in the past 24 months. Offer subject to change. Connect with ministries today and invest with ConnectPLUS! Be sure to visit or click on the ConnectPLUS logo below. For further information, contact Jeff Maltz at or Curt Loupe at

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